America’s Newest and Most Versatile Waffle
Baked in Belgium

Give your menu a boost with the Liège waffle

Excellent ROI

Convenient and cost-effective.

No mixing required

Already baked for safety and freshness.

Quick to serve

Heats in 2–3 minutes.

Endless sales possibilities

Perfect to pair with sweet or savory toppings for dinner, dessert, meals to go, and more.

Premium quality

Rich, buttery flavor and caramelized pearl sugar for that extra something special.

Naturally delicious

No GMOs, preservatives, or artificial colors.

Even more reasons to choose the Liège waffle

  • Our original Liege Wafle with pearl sugar is baked right in the heart of Belgium, using a traditional Belgian recipe and the finest-quality ingredients. 
  • Made of yeast-raised dough for a brioche-like texture and laced with caramelized pearl sugar for a hint of sweetness.
  • The choice is yours: Sweet with fruit and whipped cream or savory with fried chicken and maple syrup.
  • Individually wrapped and ready to serve either at room temperature or warmed up.
  • Visit our Inspiration page for creative ways to serve the Liege Wafle with pearl sugar that go way beyond breakfast.

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About this product

2 waffle sizes 1.94 oz 3.17 oz
Pack size 52 ct/1.94 oz 26 ct/3.17 oz
Dot item # 735656 735654
Quick to prepare Flexibility to prepare 1 to 100's of waffles in less than 5 minutes. Oven at 400°F for 2 to 3 minutes.
Storage Keep frozen at 0°F or below
Shelf life when thawed Up to 5 weeks (within sleeve)
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